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Manages writing projects: storylines, research, events
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The program creates and manages any writing projects. Write individual chapters and merge them in one manuscript, quickly move through project files, search and organize them. Backup and archiving options are available. The app has a built-in thesaurus, supports import from Word and WordPerfect.

Particularly creating novels, writers must deal with a surprising amount of characters and events. Therefore, if they do not want to leave any loose ends, they should plan their writing carefully. Book Writer is aimed to help you organize your writing by keeping a database of people, places and events, and at the same time, it is a powerful word processing application.
The program has a nice interface, and although it may seem somewhat complex at first, it will not take you too long to find and successfully use at least its basic features. The use of various tabs simplifies the process of working with various chapters, while the possibility to have all the pieces that compose your work at hand can help you reinforce its unity and coherence. Another useful characteristic is the navigation pane, which allows you to move through the different parts of your book. In fact, you will be able to write your book the same way you read a hypertext, because the program allows you to jump from one chapter or scene to another seamlessly. Therefore, it frees you from the constraints imposed by linear writing.
Apart from the database component, the program includes most of the features of a word processor that are necessary for a writer. Thus, it is deprived of all those elements that are not essential for artistic writing. On the contrary, other useful features have been reinforced, such as the case of the Thesaurus and dictionary.
In relation to sharing data with other applications, this tool has its own format to save projects. However, it allows exporting specific parts as RTF. In addition, it supports importing Word files.
All in all, Book Writer will be highly appreciated by writers because it truly places technology at the service of art. This way, writers may feel freer from organizational tasks and focus more on the quality of writing itself.

Pedro Castro
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  • It combines a database with a word processor
  • It includes helpful word processing features
  • It allows you to compose your works easily


  • It can be difficult to use at first
  • It supports a limited range of output formats
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